In 2020, an NCEA Change Programme was announced. This change programme sees a move to improving ‘well-being, equity, coherence, pathways and credibility’ of NCEA.

In 2021, we were thrilled to receive the highly anticipated and most welcome news that Tourism had been added to the subject list for the development of achievement standards.

Building on these milestones, 2022 is set to be an exciting year for TTA-NZ and Tourism teachers around Aotearoa. The Subject Expert Group has now been formed and work is underway in the development of Tourism Achievement Standards. As a subject association, we have several executive members contributing to the SEG. We want to extend a hearty thank you to those members who contributed ideas on what should not be left to chance when designing Tourism Achievement Standards. The ideas gathered last year from members are being contributed to the SEG by those participants.

We look forward to learning more about the progress made by the SEG and wish them well in this crucial stage of the design process.

In other news, TTA-NZ have been approached by the WDC about a review that they will also be undertaking and we are keen to work with members  and WDC personnel re: ideas and input to that review. 

You can learn more about the WDC here.

Your regional lead will share more news and information on this process in due course.